The Capacity to Endure

There are countless definitions of sustainability. Some definitions focus exclusively on the environment, while others frame sustainability in a triple-bottom-line context incorporating the environment, equity, and economics or the planet, people, and profit into the...

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Social Entrepreneurship on the Rise

We live in a dichotomy of progress. On one hand, new products and services are being created every day that make our lives a little easier. On the other hand, we have serious unmet social needs, especially here in Mississippi. We are led to believe that choices must...

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Be The Change Jackson

Jackson is no different than many other capital cities that fell victim to the rampant suburbanization of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. We are living in a time of extreme financial strain and have been dealing with a declining tax base for years. We have lost jobs due...

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over the counter testosterone supplements

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Coworking Comes to Jackson

Attorney Matthew McLaughlin admits rehabilitating a historic building in downtown Jackson is a “pretty big leap of faith” for him and his wife, Shannon, to tackle. Shannon McLaughlin, an event planner who also does marketing and public relations, was looking for...

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